The Language of Jargon - a restaurant of Intrigue and Vision

Jargon -


  1. special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand.

Jargon is an intriguing restaurant settled comfortably on the spirited West Asheville Haywood Road.  The historic building Jargon resides in, speaks a past language that interprets freely in the decor of the restaurant.

This dream of the owner Sean Piper has been brewing for years in his brain.  For the last 17 years he has been hustling in the movie industry, traveling the world, dialing in on details that matter on movie sets.  Finally, he took the plunge and wrote up a detailed business plan.  He went to  bank  after bank after bank, only to leave with the dreaded ‘No’ to a loan.  Yet, Sean’s obsession was so intense he marched into 39 banks. THIRTY NINE banks.  Ultimately, he found a bank that shook hands over his thorough plan and Jargon was born.  The vision of the restaurant should be noted as this is not only a  food destination, but also  a  full on Jazz Hall as well as a translation of many architectural subtleties.

The jargon of Jargon:

  1. Sean Piper - The tenacious nature, his fondness for all things past but not forgotten, his weakness for proper lighting speaks volumes about Sean -detailed to his classy handlebar moustache. He is worldly, inclusive and creative without the highbrow air.
  2. The  Bowling Alley - Sean has had this vision so long that when he found  bowling alley floors in Indiana, he bought the remnants  and stored  it for years.  The bowling alley now has a whole new language as tables and the long smooth bar top. The sleek chairs were lifted  from Oddfellows Antiques jumbled  in a dusty pile. Coupled with the bowling alley tables, the blond wood communicates grace and linear imperfection at the same time.
  3. The Art - Shadow boxes speak the prose of retro pictures clipped from coffee table magazines in the 50s and 60s designed by a local artist.  Sean’s employees and wife also added to the decor with the mosaic in the foyer and the enormous tapestry painted by an employee in the back of the restaurant.  The one of a kind,  hand-blown glass pendant lights used throughout the restaurant  also demonstrate Sean’s mission to keeping it local.
  4. The Mirrors - The whole wall is adorned with ornate as well as super simple mirrors, all speaking the in the voice  of reflection.  Scattered about are the inherited mirrors of Sean’s wife Shelly’s grandparent's own mirrors whispering a personal quirky lore.
  5. The Typeset Trays - Once holding the letters that came together for a word, for sentence, for a paragraph, for a page, for a chapter -  the boxes held an entire language of newspapers, pamphlets, books, notices and all things to be printed.  With smartphones and computers, spending time with a bar lined with these drawers casting interesting shadows into the  lost communication of  old school printing.
  6. The Record Player - Listen to the vast array of records already there by requesting upon flipping through the collection or just bring in your own record carrier full of your own dining favorites.  It evokes some riveting conversation, promise.
  7. The Back Patio - Once festooned with washers and dryers rotting and rusting, the back patio is a brilliant transformation of a secret eatery.  Be it a clandestine reunion or you want to enjoy the fine weather bestowed upon our Asheville, the conversation will be one of exclusivity inspired by the surprising jewel veranda.
  8. The Menu - Ok reader, so to be upfront and honest, the writer here happens to be on one of those newfangled diets trending in every other household.  No sugar! Bitty amount of carbs!  The essence of this diet is a jungle of new vocabulary and eating.  However, at Jargon, I was beyond satisfied with the generous portions . I was just as joyful to have something completely different yet met the diet challenges without even requesting a change.  My dinner companion and I had delicious appetizers: Avocado Arugula Bisque - a splashy dish which was so creamy and flavorful, Roasted Beet Salad which was not only colorful but also savory thanks to the kick  of the balsamic reduction and Three Graces Dairy goat cheese locally made in charming Marshall, NC.  I opted for the Tuna Poke which did not let me down and my friend who has zero eating weirdness going on in her life opted for the Bistro Filet - readers,  it  looked smashing! Chimichurri sauce, garlic truffle mash, grilled swiss chard, brought to the table with a still smoldering sprig of rosemary bundle on top. I mean, if that is right, I don’t wanna to be wrong.

 Our dinner was  satisfying: a cornucopia of flavors touching on every  continent  and emblematic of our melting pot we call (despite the current declarations of politics) the USA.  You really must march into Jargon and be swooned by the inclusive tastes this menu offers.

  1. The drinks -I had a glass of superb Cabernet (ok, two) and my eating comrade had a non-alcoholic blueberry and thyme homemade soda that blew us both away.  In fact, we agreed the whole the trip was punctuated excitedly by her beverage with crafted  tang, crushed fruit and bitters. Beyond delish, thank you Sr bartender with the nice vest.
  2. The staff and the Kitchen - Don't you love a doting waiter?  Someone who looks you in the eye and reads your culinary tastes like tarot card reader?  Verbose in the menu, sweet on comfort and instinctive, the staff, owner and even the prose of the Chef is enchanting enough to keep returning to this jumble of eccentric pairings both in the decor as well as the remarkable menu!
  3. The Jazz - Every weekend there is live Jazz free to public.  Enjoy on a late night bite or a crafty cocktail or a great wine.  The jazz spans swing to jam, and everything else in between.  This will feel like a Speakeasy so you can feel a bit randy on a Saturday night!

Perhaps Jargon does mean some exclusive language dedicated to certain areas of things, places, people or whatever.  This Jargon will not exclude you, but rather include you just as it spans time in the decor, culture in the menu and love of the staff.

Phone Number:  828-785-1761


715 Haywood Road

Asheville, NC 28806


Dinner nightly – 5pm to 10pm

Late Night Menu and Music Friday and Saturday – 10pm – 2am

Sunday Brunch – 10am – 3pm